Thursday, December 11, 2008


Bush's legacy is now finishing up its first wave of administration primping and media attention. Many of Bush's egregious failures have already been fairly well documented in many, many books (along with some damning charges leveled by departed members of his own team). 

Surely there will be more attempts of administration spinning and historical revision over the next handful of weeks. Should be entertaining.

So really, what can one say about a president who presided over 8 years chock-full of hubris, incompetence, dismal performance and brazen lies, with so little success? Sure, history will have plenty to say about Bush's governance, and lack-of, especially in 30-50 years, when many of the state secrets will start to trickle out.

But today's verdict is well formed and established in the public's mind, and by the already well-known facts. 

"Broken Government," the Center for Public Integrity's new report on the Bush administration's failures, is a poignant and concise document that will serve future historians well. 

The report documents 128 remarkable failures, in just 8 years of (mis)leadership.

With a president like George W. Bush, who needs enemies?

Dear Lurkers, do you have any thoughts on this? What's your take on the Bush legacy? Can you name just one Bush success?

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"OUR BROKEN GOVERNMENT," a report by The Center for Public Integrity, 2008

"OUR OH-SO BROKEN GOVERNMENT," an overview of the report, by Dan Froomkin,

OP-ED: "BUSH'S FINAL FIASCO," by Harold Meyerson

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