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"Imitosis," Andrew Bird

[i remember New Jersey]

Riding bikes 'til we
Got lost on Ivy Hill Road.
Cross-walk got us home.

... ... ...

Crispy-chilled mornings.
Sleeper-sofa cushion-forts.
Fall days grow shorter.

... ... ...

We caught a pond-frog,
But it died in a shoebox,

Sunday, October 18, 2009


[Gimme Notha' Paper Dolla']

Most Unfortunate.

Pimping your children. For what?

Dolla' Dolla' Bill.


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Out of the mouths of babes.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


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[Falcon's (Non) Flight]

The Perfect Story.

Fear. Horror. Fantasy. Dread.

Age 6: Falcon's Flight.

Publicity stunt?

maybe. maybe not. Surely

someone could have told

the world the basket

had detached, long before the

news networks streamed it

right into our homes.

there went 2 hours of tv

viewing, watching an

oversized mylar

helium ballon floating

through space. "Child on Board."

Someone could have told

the news, the authorities,

could have told the world:

"Nobody's on board."

But ratings would not have spiked.

Dad's new invention

wouldn't have gotten

2 hours of tv viewing.

so nothing was said

but, "Falcon's On Board!"

"6-Year-Old Balloon Boy Flies!"

Is this cynical?

Yes. No. Maybe. Sure.

Nothing like a good cliche:

"All's well that ends well."

From child in danger,

to runaway UFO,

To Happy Ending,

The infotainment

machine got it's prayer's answered:

The Perfect Story.

We're so thankful 6 year-old Falcon was found to have never left the ground today

and is with his family tonight, safe and sound.


a given.


It is now reported that Falcon has been found alive. Great news. Great roller-coaster of a story. He was hiding out in a "box in the attic, over the garage," according to CNN.

Falcon Missing

This has been an upsetting and bizarre story about a 6 year-old boy named Falcon. I've never before live-photo-blogged a developing story and don't have plans to do it again. Viewers were led to believe that Falcon was inside the "basket," which was presumed to be the small, bottom portion of the balloon.

Once the balloon landed, a freakish moment ensued when authorities and police lassoed, slashed, stomped and stabbed the helium-life out of the mylar balloon.

Currently, CNN is reporting that the "basket" had actually fallen off the balloon long before the television coverage began. Now they are showing a photograph on CNN that shows something, presumably the basket, far below the mylar balloon. It seems to be a photograph, or a still-shot from a film camera, showing the basket detaching and falling from the balloon.

If this is in fact the case, this doesn't bode well for young Falcon. We'll continue to follow this ever-changing, difficult story and remain hopeful that Falcon will be found alive and well.

Falcon's Flight

All Falcon's Flight photos by Danny Lyons, www.lycons.com, tele.vision series, using an iphone and shooting Live TV.

All photos are free to you. Simply click on them, grab the large photo file and enjoy. Thanks for visiting. -Danny Lyons

No One Found Inside.
Hoping the best for Falcon.
An awful event.

Hoping For a Positive Outcome

Falcon's Flight

Deperately hoping
For Falcon's safety in flight.
Godspeed Little Guy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Binary Tree

"binary tree," iphone photo by danny lyons, www.lycons.com

[free art: simply click on the photo, then drag and drop the large "binary tree" photograph onto your computer desktop. enjoy.]

[just ones and zeros]
only black and white.
taste liberation within
the limitation.