Thursday, October 15, 2009


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[Falcon's (Non) Flight]

The Perfect Story.

Fear. Horror. Fantasy. Dread.

Age 6: Falcon's Flight.

Publicity stunt?

maybe. maybe not. Surely

someone could have told

the world the basket

had detached, long before the

news networks streamed it

right into our homes.

there went 2 hours of tv

viewing, watching an

oversized mylar

helium ballon floating

through space. "Child on Board."

Someone could have told

the news, the authorities,

could have told the world:

"Nobody's on board."

But ratings would not have spiked.

Dad's new invention

wouldn't have gotten

2 hours of tv viewing.

so nothing was said

but, "Falcon's On Board!"

"6-Year-Old Balloon Boy Flies!"

Is this cynical?

Yes. No. Maybe. Sure.

Nothing like a good cliche:

"All's well that ends well."

From child in danger,

to runaway UFO,

To Happy Ending,

The infotainment

machine got it's prayer's answered:

The Perfect Story.

We're so thankful 6 year-old Falcon was found to have never left the ground today

and is with his family tonight, safe and sound.

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