Saturday, June 6, 2009

Richard Preston: TED talk (re-visited)

This TED talk is re-posted with hopes to help re-inspire all of us to re-new our interest in, and inspiration of all things natural, but specifically, trees. If you've haven't read "The Wild Trees," by Richard Preston, you have been missing out on a real amazing story. It's a story of passion and science, nature and technology, trees and people.

I credit this book with setting my ass on fire in terms of climbing trees and re-connecting with nature. It has motivated me to learn a new recreational sport, finding a new way to see things, experiencing a new way to span time. I now know the meaning of "tree time" and what it feels like.

Reading the book was a catalyst of re-acquainting myself with the natural world. Maybe it is a high time we were all re-acquainted.


in the morning
the air-conditioned
space and time was failing me.
i needed fresh air.

the air created
by trees was necessary
for me to wake up.

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