Monday, July 13, 2009

The Big Tree [Yet To Be Named]

"The Big Tree," Reddick, FL, by Danny Lyons via iPhone

It's not everyday that we get a shout-out from the BIGRINGCIRCUS. The I•P is an avid follower and blog-stalker of the BRC, in the interest of full disclosure. Make no mistake, Today's posting on the BRC essentially represents a full outing of what has been going on under the radar for a while now.

We are climbing trees in Reddick, Florida. Big trees.

A few of us got advanced copies of the aptly nicknamed manifesto. At first, we were slow to actualize our inner tree climber. But it only took a bit of manifesto-momentum that crescendoed to a critical mass. Soon, we were studying the Treeman's "Tree Climbing Basics" DVD and signing up for classes at Atlanta's Tree Climbers International School. A few of us are now certified tree climbers and have been proselytizing the word and deed of tree climbing ever since.

The sermon goes a lot like this:
"Wanna climb a tree today?" And if the answer is in the affirmative: "Follow me."

We're lucky to have strong climbers like The Mayor and BurlyMan (aka, Pa Ingalls by way of BRC), because they're beasts in the trees and they own big land and, well, big trees. Look at the beauty above. This is (at least) a 90 ft.-tall oak tree that we've grown to love and appreciate. Many of our friends will cut their tree-climbing teeth on this huge century oak.

The I•P welcomes Juancho into the world of trees. A way's back, he was kind enough to turn me onto rock climbing (The Gallery), canoeing (on the Yellowstone) and white water rafting, and hiking in the Paradise Valley area, by way of Bozeman, MT. And I certainly won't forget the kick-in-the-ass coffee he and his buddies were pouring at the local bean and brew after a hefty hookah session.

But really, the remaining question is, when will Juancho and friends finish the manifesto, put in their gear order to New Tribe, SherrillTree or Wesspur and come down to climb the Big Tree?

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