Monday, October 11, 2010


The name says it all.
When you've got some, def eat here.
Martha cooks it up.

Everybody knows
Everybody else in here.
Formica worn through.

Lottery tickets
On the countertop, on sale.
Also: homemade jams.

winner, Roger, played heavy
Bets, for many years.

(He recently won,
Is known to bet Ben Franklins
On just one number).

Speculation is,
All these years, he's spent as much
as he won (more-less).

Betty reads the news.
A countertop staple, She's
The real SPARE-TIME sage.

The breakfast special
Is Goetta, eggs and homefries.
(I googled Goetta).

It's peasant food from
Germany: ground beef with oats
(would stretch meat supplies).

I'm in the greater
Cincinnati area.
Enjoying SPARE-TIME.

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