Thursday, October 18, 2012

All Good Things...

We are cruising towards Florida at 37,028 feet with an outside temp of -67F, at 592 mph.

This trip was highly successful and the tree climbing simply spectacular.

Felton proved to be a ruggedly hospitable town, readily offering curious tree climbers some local stories, forgotten history and even secret places.

Boulder Creek offers some of the finest cafes and breakfast burritos anywhere, and you can eat them right on the sidewalk.

Thanks again to our new friends Josie and Nick from Mount Hermon. They provide an important role of bringing people closer to the beautiful redwoods on a daily basis. From tree climbing to challenge courses to zip lining at 140 feet high in the redwood trees, what they do is surely to inspire and enlighten people about the amazing redwood forests.

Lastly, I am grateful for the space-time and tree-time I shared with friends who travelled from all over the country to attend the Tree-Climber's Rendezvous. It is always a treat to unabashedly and endlessly geek-out about tree climbing with those who climb. But more importantly, and perhaps vitally, the craft of tree climbing thrives when people meet up, climb trees and exchange ideas and techniques. I hope to return to the Felton area someday to (re)locate and ascend some big beautiful trees.

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