Friday, May 28, 2010

The Future With Oil

"naner-dude's boots," by danny lyons,

[with an addiction like this, who needs enemies]

the great oil gush.

it's gone beyond ugly. and we're all pissed off.

the future of the gulf states' way of life just hit a brick wall. sure, life will continue, but not as before. this grim watershed moment will have lasting, pummeling effects for months and years ahead.

it doesn't matter who's in charge, really. the fact is, bp and the federal government (or anybody else for that matter) have no clue how to handle this. by definition: we shouldn't be fucking with deep-water oil because we don't know how to control it when something goes wrong.

oil giants have been fucking with the earth and recklessly extracting oil, wherever it may be found, for decades. now, after all the financial bleeding, after all the wars and after all the self-inflicted catastrophes, u.s. citizens must finally, and truly, wake up. wake up.

wake the fuck up and smell the oil. taste it.

this is our opportunity to witness the true cost of a deregulated, multi-national corporation controlled, oil-based economy.

there are so many ways to vote. vote now. vote every minute of every day.

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