Wednesday, May 19, 2010

shades of gray

shades of gray, Danny Lyons,, taken in San Felasco

[reluctant release]
a tiny bug walks
on the tension of water.
today came the rain.


  1. I stop in after a long time and you confront me with a photograph of San Felasco, my Alamo. My Waterloo.

  2. i've returned to ride through the battlefield, where so many of us were routed in the freezing cold, mercilessly. it appears more cheerful now, with all the swollen green-ness and thriving wildlife. but don’t let that fool you.

    the summertime beat-down can be just as insidious: the newly added hammock hub trail extension was created for the granny gear, although at first, you wouldn’t know it.

    it builds your confidence from the get-go. you might think, “oh, this is just another pleasant san felasco earth-cruising trail.” once you get cocky, the hill work starts to ratchet up and you’d swear there’s another gear on the cassette. but there isn’t. and all that’s left is granny.

    you can resist for a little while, because you think you’re almost out of the slog. you remind yourself that your in the flatlands, but inevitability is stamped into the trail’s DNA. capitulation.

    lately, a person of compassion put up a sign that says "difficult" to forewarn the innocents. but before the sign was hung, i wandered in, plump and oblivious. easy prey.

    it turns out, after a low-speed crash later that day, caused by rust and wintertime beers, I got worked by a brutal case of poison ivy.

    Remember the Alamo!