Tuesday, October 21, 2008

black ice or royal pine?

a little tree in a can.
a hanging little tree "car-freshner."

there is a special sort of torment in picking just the right "car tree" fragrance. without being hyperbolic, it can be downright unbearable. it is a heavy, personal decision and purchasing such sensory-oriented products online only compounds the distress. 

how do you know if "black ice" or "royal pine" is the one?

think about it. this is a decision that will stay with you for, well, at least 90 days, according to the label. this is a real commitment. it is nothing less than the establishment of your olfactory identity.

and there are so many scents from which to choose. a quick search revealed 70 unique smells. 

simply daunting. 

without inspiration and encouragement from those adventurous product-pioneers who generously bother to fill up those helpful "comment & review" pages, an otherwise compulsive and impatient car-tree-in-a-can consumer might make the wrong move.  

caveat emptor!

the following comments were found on amazon.com's review page:

The best smelling car tree
By Alex Kah "ack" (Louisville, KY United States)
"I put one of these under each seat in my SUV and it is by far the best smelling car air freshener I have used to date. It was recommended to me by the place where I get my car washed because it was a new item they were trying. They stopped carrying this scent so I had to order from the web."

Great "Guy" smell
By Raquel "NayNa" (Boston, MA USA)
"I got these for my boyfriend. These have been his favorite for some time and this was a great deal compared to what they cost in the stores. They smell great, almost like mens cologne, and the scent lasts for quite a while. We're happy with them."

Simply the Best
By Kayode K.J. Liburd (St. Kitts)
"This is one of the best, if not the best Little Tree air fresheners. Out of the many others that I tried, I rate "Black Ice" as the best. From since I first tried it, I haven't used any other type of Litte Tree air freshener, or any other kind or brand of air freshener. 

For anyone still looking around for a great smelling air freshener, or wanting to stick to one nice aroma for their vehicle, "Black Ice" is worth a try, I'd recommend it to anyone, everyone even."

These do not smell good.
By Ron Burgandy (Iowa)
"They smell like a bad cologne, if that's what you want your car to smell like, you should get it."

how convenient!  a "little trees" advertisement!

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