Wednesday, October 22, 2008

paul volcker highlights obamas fiscal strengths

while the mccain/palin campaign runs around the battleground states calling barack obama a "socialist," obama was busy hosting an economic summit in the state of florida.  

obama was flanked by google ceo eric schmidt, former federal reserve chairman paul volcker, govs. jennifer granholm of michigan, bill ritter of colorado, bill richardson of new mexico, and ted strickland of ohio, as well as small-business owner victoria villalba.  the summit focused on how to generate new jobs in a faltering economy and discussed overhauling the nation's power grid.

it has become apparent that the mccain/palin charge of socialism rings hollow and even ironic  to most people, given that bush/cheney just engineered the biggest federal governmental take over of the financial sector in u.s. history.  who are the socialists?

on the topic of socialism, volcker cautioned "one of the challenges for the next president will be how do we re-privatize institutions that never should have needed to be socialized in the first place by this [bush] administration." 

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