Monday, October 27, 2008


in one week, we americans will vote for our next president.  the INKSPOT PROJECT, however new to the blogging scene, has long followed american politics.  never before have we seen anybody more fit for the times and the circumstances to lead this country to a better and safer tomorrow than barack obama. 

we have no illusions that "change" will be easy.  on the contrary, if obama wins (and we feel confident he will win with 325+ electoral votes), the struggle for progress will have just begun. we also accept the fact that we may not always agree on the course we take along the way. 

but, now more than ever, we need a smart, steady and inclusive leader in the white house to navigate our country successfully through these unprecedented crises. we need a president who has the character and temperament, much like abraham lincoln, to seek to work with those who disagree with him on the toughest of issues. 

humbly, we think barack obama will provide such leadership and is the right man for this moment.

please vote on november 4th. 

but please vote early if you can.

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